I did Isha Kriya every day for 2,5 years

At the beginning of 2017, I had just moved into a room in the student dorms and got taken down by a virus that kept me in bed for 3 weeks. Most of the time I had a high fever but didn’t go to the doctor’s because I was also broke. Two of the jobs I was relying on to pay the rent decided that they didn’t need my services anymore. I wanted to go work on random fair trades, but because of the fever, I couldn’t do that either. This was a challenging time for me.

Another thing was, that a constant flow of negative and anxiety-driven thoughts was going through my mind all time ever since I moved in there. I found out later after I had already left the dorms, that there used to be a swamp 20 meters from my place. My google research on swamp energies confirmed all of the strange negative effects I couldn’t explain beforehand, one of which was anxiety and depression.

So, lying absolutely exhausted in my small all-in-one room, almost ready to give up living, for the long days of fever have managed to even burn my skin and make it 10-hours-in the-hot-sun shadow of red – my mother called me. And for some reason she told me about this meditation and that it might help me feel better. I didn’t take this seriously, she had never done it, and at first, it looks like it doesn’t do much. But I tried it once.

After a few weeks, I figured that because of a bicycle accident, I had a few months back in the summer, I couldn’t do any of the normal energy exercises that I usually do, like the Sun Salutations or the Five Tibetan Rites. My wrist seemed to get even more damaged by them, than by the bike crash itself. And so, I remembered this meditation and decided to try it out as a daily energy practice

And so after 3 months of doing it once every day, I was confused about whether or not I should keep on doing it or stop. So I stopped. On the afternoon of the second day, this seemingly unstoppable negative thought storm had come back and taken me with it into desperation without me even noticing this. I found myself unable to stop crying about things that never happened and were far from likely to ever do. The more important thing was, that this anxiety must have been gone while I was doing the Isha Kriya.

And so from that day on, this practice became a part of my every day. Even if I hadn’t done it during the day and had already slipped into my bed, I would remember, sit up in my bed in the middle of the night and do it.

After some time I found Qi Gong, which was a nice practice to do, that doesn’t require much physical strength, and in my case, more importantly, it’s done standing on your feet and not on your hands. I started doing this often, but never did I stop the Isha Kriya, until I moved to another place – an apartment with 3 more people, as I wasn’t allowed to stay at the dorms any longer. Not just because the overall atmosphere of the new side of town was way better and I seemed to feel much better overall, but I felt like my new roommates wouldn’t understand this practice. And even though I had my own room, I felt like I needed a bit more privacy, as my door handle didn’t work for the first few weeks.

Little did I know, that stopping an energy practice like that would come with its surprises. Long story short, we had to welcome a new roommate into the apartment and things got out of control with him. I wouldn’t put up with his egoistic and very much narcissistic ways. Things got ugly and I moved out. I believe strongly that if I hadn’t stopped my practice, I would have handled the roommate situation better, as it was nothing more than karma playing out. And doing a kriya, as Sadhguru says, opens up new dimensions of your karma to transform, and having the necessary energy to handle it is crucial. Continuing to do the kriya gives you this energy.

Anyway, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise,(although it tortured me for a long time after) because I landed at my parents’ house in my home country just in time for the Corona pandemic. In the first year of the Corona,(and hopefully last), I tried many things to create balance and stability in me, including inner engineering online and various other things, as I was also stressed out working on my thesis. Many times I started the Isha Kriya but didn’t get further than a month in doing it until I handed in my thesis in October and have been doing it for 2,5 months since.

In one of his books, Sadhguru says that the first period of doing it twice for 40 days or once for 90 days is also a kind of an offering to the guru to receive his blessings and guidance. In a recent video, he mentioned, that after that first period of 40 or 90 days, you could do the breathing part with the body and mind phrases for just 3-4 minutes a day. So, there is no need to do the complete 14 minutes guided session every day, as I did for 2,5 years, to reap the benefits of it, as long as you have gotten through the first period.

If you are wondering whether or not to devote to this practice, my advice would be to give it a try and see if it works for you. It worked in my experience and helped me fly through a phase that almost got me crawling. Of course, many people experience far worse things than what I just described as ‘almost crawling’, but I bet that a practice like this would help them in some way too.

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